Rather than focusing on universal human rights, we have become more preoccupied with different human identities. Rather than pursuing social justice while building unity and inclusion, we have fallen for a form of justice that drives divisions.

We cannot sacrifice our principles in the fight for those same principles. Our means must be morally consistent with our ends.

Until we revolutionize our social structures and address the underlying causes of extremist hate, the stain of hate will persist in our society, and we will never achieve social resilience.

The choice will be stark: a collective future or a collective death. Reconciliation will provide the only path forward for the future and survival of our society.



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Josh Greenberg

Human, activist, scholar. Physician-Economist-in-training @UMich. CEO @proghealth. @FulbrightPrgrm Awardee. I work on anything that matters, locally & globally.