Our nation is essentially in a state of tribal warfare, with two competing camps that have entirely different conceptions of reality.

Moreover, while extremism has arisen on both sides of the political spectrum, the rightwing has spawned more organized extremism. In the same way as oppression gives rise to organizations like ISIS, the injustices baked into our economy have helped to produce the growing threat of domestic terrorism that we now face in our country.

All of us collectively have created the monster now in front of us.

Every single one of us bears responsibility. Every single one of us bears responsibility for not doing more, and for not doing better, long ago, to forestall the crisis that we now face.

It is never ideal to attempt to find one’s way out of a crisis, for problems become increasingly intractable the further they escalate.

Just like the imperative of containing a virus in the early stages of spread, before transmission reaches pandemic proportions, we must address social ills at the earliest stage possible if we wish to build a society that is truly resilient. But when social diseases fester to the point of spawning hateful, violent extremism, we have far fewer options.

Just as a virus must still be combatted after rampant spread, so must hate.

Nevertheless, even though prevention would have been preferable to cure, we must take sides at this stage. Just as a virus must still be combatted after rampant spread, so must hate.

It remains most poignant, however, that if people decide to fight, they will be fighting over virtually nothing, much like children on a playground.

They will be fighting over issues that they could have united with one another to fight against — peacefully — long ago. They will be fighting the agendas of a societal elite that has pitted multiple marginalized groups with overlapping grievances against one another.

Human, activist, scholar. Physician-Economist-in-training @UMich. CEO @proghealth. @FulbrightPrgrm Awardee. I work on anything that matters, locally & globally.

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