When we lose sight of unity and allow our social justice advocacy to drive polarization, we inevitably undermine the cause.

For any cause, it is not enough to merely be “right.” That rightness must be perceived positively by the rest of society.

After all, it is not our differences, but rather the commonalities at the essence of our existence, that make us equal and provide the most powerful argument for a just society.

Thus, the response of uniformity cowers in the face of heterogeneity by invoking superiority.

When the many voices of humanity sing in harmony, they produce the symphony that is togetherness.

Togetherness is the answer and the alternative to uniformity. Togetherness transcends heterogeneity by recognizing commonality.

By choosing tribalism over togetherness, we have opted to let the weeds spread.



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Josh Greenberg

Human, activist, scholar. Physician-Economist-in-training @UMich. CEO @proghealth. @FulbrightPrgrm Awardee. I work on anything that matters, locally & globally.