Our systems are broken, and our country is now on a precipice.

This treatise is my attempt to start one such conversation.

No matter how righteous our causes may be, they will mean nothing if we no longer exist.

Yet, if we are now on the brink of civil war, the strategies we have employed to date clearly have not been working properly.

Before rushing to blame others — as all sides have done for the past four years — we must turn inward.

We must probe the depths of our humanity. We must question our assumptions. We must grapple with our prejudices. We must reimagine the way forward.

For readers who wish to join me in this conversation, it is my hope that you will bring an open heart and open mind to the discussion, even if some of the positions I adopt may be unpopular.

Because I believe, as I will go on to describe, that an obsession with identity politics has helped bring our society to the current precipice, I wish not to dwell on my identity.

When I make a mistake, I hope others will help to educate me, respectfully, rather than denigrate me.

Therefore, let me also add a few words about who I am.

But, more than anything, more than a progressive or conservative, more than a Democrat or Republican, I identify myself as an American.

In the course of my analysis, I will employ certain generalizations.



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Josh Greenberg

Human, activist, scholar. Physician-Economist-in-training @UMich. CEO @proghealth. @FulbrightPrgrm Awardee. I work on anything that matters, locally & globally.